Arias Jun 29
“I grew up in Manhattan and felt like I knew my city pretty well. When I found out about Urban Archive, it made me see NYC in a whole new way...Thank you guys for doing such a great job with this!”
mrmr1313 Sep 18
“This app is an incredible way to discover and learn about the architectural gems and the history that we pass every day while walking in NYC. The historical photos and stories/facts enrich your experience of the city in a wonderful way.”
sarkia22 Jun 10
“Urban Archive is a such a great way to learn more about the city! It's a really accessible way to learn more about NYC's history and seeing what was on your block 100 years ago is actually really cool!”
katelynns322 Mar 4
“This app will open your eyes to a whole new NYC. I love seeing historical photographs and learning stories about buildings I walk by everyday.”
DaughterArtemis Jul 5
“Having spent my entire life as a New Yorker (especially living in historic Yorkville) I absolutely loved discovering this app! The collection of photography and the historiography that goes with it are absolutely incredible and bring each and every block alive over the course of 100+ years.”
Urban Archive is a technology nonprofit that creates new connections 
between people, places, and historical institutions.
Our mission is to inspire learning that is rooted in what is local — the architecture, culture, and unique stories of New York City.

We're working with historical institutions to integrate their collections and content into our platform. For more information, please contact us.